the last winter crop planting in november – weekend four

All ten of the raised beds are finally planted. Well mostly. The onions still need to be planted along with a round of succession planting of several plants but at least all of the beds are now planted with something and irrigated.

Experimenting with garlic this year.
Experimenting with garlic this year.


The past two years, I’ve only grown Spanish Roja hardneck garlic as I hear how much the chefs prefer it. I agree it tastes much better than other garlic but it doesn’t keep long enough in my storage area. So this year, I’m trying Polish White softneck garden which should keep longer. I also planted some Bavarian Purple hardneck as The Seed Bank had them on display and I couldn’t resist.

The smallest planting of garlic I've grown, about sixty cloves worth.
The smallest planting of garlic I’ve grown, about sixty cloves worth with the fava bed in the background.


The favas, planted in Bed A, are in a bit late but should still do fine. Bed A will hold tomatoes next year so this is good soil prep ahead of time. The last thing to do with the raised beds are some more thinning and succession planting and then I can relax a bit.

Daikon radish almost ready for thinning.
Daikon radish almost ready for thinning.


But not before I spray my fruit trees with dormant spray. See below for a great tutorial from Peaceful Valley Farm on when and how to spray organically. We have serious issues with peach leaf curl here so it’s a must for us.

And then I can focus on the flower beds. So many plants to plug in before winter arrives.

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